Miette LeClair

Miette Leclair is a visual artist from Western Massachusetts. Her art tends to have whimsical, fantastical, and illustrative elements. Storytelling, intentionally and unintentionally, is often at the root of her visual work.

Artist Statement

"Almost all of the work I do is about processing the world we live in. The art that I do often has undertones of the difficult and exhausting stories that are part of our day to day lives, as well as the weird and fantastical moments we can find everywhere. The most interesting parts of the world to me are the things and moments that are Odd or cause friction with the moments around them. In my work I try to pull out specific details, objects, and images that stick out to me, whether that’s a story about doorknobs or specific details from heavy memories. Life is ridiculous! As well as soft and difficult and hard to understand, and those are the things I try to capture and express."