Hej Hej

"Hej Hej" is a collection of 24 postcards created and written between Muller and O’Donnell between June-August of 2018. Hej Hej came out of a desire to explore different forms of communication, to stay connected over a distance of 900 miles, and to capture and document a time of transition in both of our lives. From FLEAS to Burn Out Counselor, the postcards served as a way to reflect on episodes summer experience. In reflection, it's interesting to the artists to recognize the conscious or subconscious influences our messages had on the postcard art and how our experiences informed our art, as well as the significance and insignificance of the captured memories.

Muller and O’Donnell have gone from group work in the classroom, to roommates in college housing, to sending letters from childhood homes, and finally to sharing a gallery space. Muller and O’Donnell are both Beloit College Seniors studying Studio Art. Muller is from Amherst, MA and primarily works with pen, but used this project explore other materials including collage, watercolor, and stitching. O’Donnell is from Chicago, IL and used this project to further propel her interest in collage and color theory. The two have developed a collective work featuring stills of their summers whether it be camp horror stories or images of self reflections. - Miette Muller & Gretel O'Donnell